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Historical Beta HD is ideal for anyone needing current beta values.

This app pulls historical data from Yahoo! Finance (USA) and calculates:

Additionally, a graph tracking the 10-day trailing beta over the last 100 trading days is provided. This app is fast, accurate, and simple to use - just enter the ticker symbols and go!

Historical Beta HD was written under the supervision of a highly trained finance professional. This app is a tool that will give you the insight needed to implement your own option, hedging, trading, or VaR strategies. Give yourself an edge by getting this app!

Please Note: This app requires access to the internet (WiFi or 3G/4G) to acquire data. This app is not affiliated with Yahoo! or Yahoo! Finance.

** Currently, data cannot be downloaded for the Dow Jones industrial Average (symbol ^DJI) because Yahoo! is no longer licensed to provide downloads for the Dow Jones Index data. However, you can use the SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average (symbol DIA) as an excellent proxy for ^DJI **

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Look below for sample screen-shots from Historical Beta HD!

Just enter the Ticker Symbols and Go!

screenshot of normal probability screen 1

Results for Apple (AAPL) with respect to the S&P 500 Index

screenshot of sample calculation

Now try it with GLD and the SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average...

screenshot of sample calculation


screenshot of sample calculation

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